Get Scripture Fit!

Bible Resources for the New Year

We began 2020 at STG with the Joe Wickes of the Bible, the Mr Motivator of scripture: the legendary King David.

“How does a young man keep his way pure?”, he asks. Not with hand sanitizer but by living according to God’s words in the Bible (Psalm 119.9).

We were challenged to don our spiritual sweat bands and keep up the discipline of reading the scriptures in the new year. Here’s a reminder of a few of way to get Bible buff:

Come to Growth Group

As well as hearing talks at church, get into the Bible on Wednesdays 7.45pm in term time. Get in touch for more details.

Get Bible Reading Notes

Explore’ notes for adults and ‘XTB’ notes for children can be bought from he Oasis bookshop in Wallington & The Good Book Company: 0333 123 0880.

Read the Bible in a Year

Pick up a free Bible reading plan for the year from church or download it here. Listen to a daily commentary at

Listen to the Bible

Rest your eyes and workout those ears with a selection of Audio Bibles for free online at BibleGateway.  Try David Suche, and experience Poirot reading the Bible to you!

Watch Bible Talks

Not all ‘God TV’ is good TV. Quite frankly, some is self-centred promotion that seeks to line the preachers purse in the name of Christ. But here’s a station that will play some healthy stuff. Find faithful Bible teaching at

That’s a few suggestions. Share yours tips below. And remember what a profound person once said: “Life changing habits come from small steady steps“!

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