Rooted is our joint parish youth group for young people that runs during term time for those in school year 7 to year 10

The young people from our Team of four churches meet together every Sunday to socialize, play games, and to look at the Bible together.

The group meets in the Morden Parish Hall  (not St George’s Hall) on Central Road from 5.00pm-6.15pm.

New young people are welcome to try it out, whether they are part of our church or not. Get in touch with Al for more details. The sessions are free of charge.

Every term, we do some ‘community action’ to help improve our local area, such as painting and cleaning, picking up litter.

In the summer, the group have the chance to go on a week’s CPAS camp together and various social activities are arranged through the year. The camp is subsidized by the parish making it a great value holiday.