Visitors’ FAQ

We want visitors to feel welcome, so here are a few answers to questions that you may have about our services.

1. Do I need to be a good person or believe the Bible to come along?

No.  We all have questions, doubts, and troubles.  We come to church to learn more about the God of the Bible who changes lives.

2. What do I wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable in; we are very informal. If your child wants to wear a favourite superhero costume, that’s fine!

3. What’s the time of the service?

The service starts at 10.30am and usually last for about an hour – less for an All-Age service.  People usually arrive about 10 minutes before the start. Here’s more on our Sunday meetings and travel and accessibility.

4. What is there for children to do?

We have Sunday groups for children over 4 years old with Bible teaching and fun activities.  There is a creche area at the back of church for younger children.  The groups are run by church members in line with our Safeguarding Policy.

5. What happens during the services?

Usually we sing Christian songs, have prayers, Bible readings, talk and, sometimes, special presentations.  There’s more on our midweek activities on our “What’s On” page.

6. Will I be asked to do anything?

No. Words for the service will be projected on a screen at the front so we can participate if we wish – just like karaoke!

7. What do I do in a Communion Service?

Baptised Christians are welcome to share in the bread and wine, or you can go forward for a prayer or stay in your seat.

8. Will I be asked for money?

No. Donations are welcome but we don’t take collections or ask visitors for money.

9. Can I talk to someone about questions, problems or be prayed for?

Of course. Have a chat to one of the Welcome Team on the door or the Vicar after the service.

10. What happens after the service?

Tea and coffee are served in the Lounge area next door. Please stick around and meet people.  People leave whenever they wish.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.