A new year. Broken resolutions. Change is difficult. On Sunday 26th January, Jason shared his story of change at STG.

Jason was local businessman whose life seemed a success. Employing around 40 people in his building firm, married with kids, you wouldn’t know about his past. You wouldn’t know about his problem.

For many years, Jason had been struggling with addiction.  He started drinking when working at the race course.  But drink and recreational drugs use turned to dependency when his brother died.

Light in Darkness

He tried to stop many times but failed. Eventually he was in very a dark place. It felt spiritual. So he turned to the church where his daughter was Christened. He turned up unannounced at the Vicarage door.

David, the Vicar at St Lawrence, invited Jason in and explained the message of Jesus.  He told him how Christ, God’s Son, had died for his sin and was raised to new life.  Jesus free us from the power of destructive desires if we turn away from wrong doing and turn to him.

Making Sense

That was the start of real change for Jason.  “It just made sense,” Jason said, and he turned to Jesus for help there and then.  However, although the spiritual darkness lifted and he felt great peace, Jason’s battle with drugs continued.

“I was turning up to church on a Sunday but still relapsing and using crack” he said. “I knew it was wrong and felt so guilty”.  It was only when he hit rock bottom again that he told David about his drug use and he turned to Christ for help.

Change through Christ

The desire to use disappeared.  Weeks turned into months and months into years.  The test came when he went down the pub with his mates.  He had a drink but didn’t get wasted.

Jason reflected on why God didn’t take away his desire for drink and drugs immediately.  He said, “I think He taught me how destructive drugs are and just how helpless I was”.

Encouragement to Others

After sharing his story, he was asked what words of encouragement he had for those who felt change was impossible.  He said, “God can change anything. Turn to him. Pray. Read the Bible.”

Christianity Explored was recommended by Jason.  It helped him look into the evidence for Christ’s life and answer his questions.  You can find out more about the sessions and sign up at STGM here.