A special service to kick off the term, followed by hotdogs!

A way to keep the kids occupied for a few hours during the holidays

Watch again our week of ‘Life’ events with Roger Carswell and guests.

Like many, we have been horrified by the events in the Ukraine and have been looking for ways to help the people. Here’s some ways in which you can provide support:


There are lots of good charities working with refugees from the Ukraine providing emergency assistance. We have chosen to support the Tearfund campaign, which is providing food, bedding and temporary accomodation. We will be donating our Easter church collections to the relief effort. You can donate online here.


The government is seeking people to sponsor families from the Ukraine fleeing the country, providing assistance and accomodation. We are supporting the Global Sanctuary Foundation as a church, which is seeking to offer assistance to Ukrainian families arriving in our country.

If you are a UK citizen and would be willing to host a family for at least 6 months, you can register on the site.


We’ve been seeing in our Sunday services from Luke’s gospel that Jesus talked about wars and rumours of wars in our times. He told people not to be alarmed, but to watch and pray (Luke 21: 9-36).

We will continue to pray for peace and the people of the Ukraine in our weekly Sunday services from 10.30am and at our monthly prayer meeting on the third Sunday of every month at 7pm in church. Do join us. Visitors are most welcome.

To inform your personal prayers, here’s some background information about the church in the Ukraine from Operation World. See the Facebook page of Christ Church, the Church of England Church in Kyiv, which meets in a German Lutheran Church.

You are invited to lunch with speaker Roger Carswell. On Wednesday 2 March from 12.30pm a simple lunch will be served at St George’s Church.

Roger will be our after lunch speaker and will speak on the subject of where is God in a messed-up world.

Roger Carswell is a full-time Christian speaker and writer who speaks widely in the UK. He has written numerous books and pamphlets, including ‘Where is God in a messed-up World?’ and ‘Grill a Christian.’

The event is free and part of our week of Life events. All are welcome. No booking required.

A community event on Sun 19 Sept from 10.30am with a group of Christian Bikers.

A live link music event at STG on Saturday 17th July from 6pm.

The Summer Parish Youth Camp will be running this year

A free Christmas activity for children: our Nativity Light Trail around Morden

Our children’s Nativity Christmas Card Competition is now open!