Amazon Smile

A lot of people will be using Amazon during the Christmas season and lockdown to do their shopping. Did you know you can now raise money for the parish while doing so?

Amazon will donate a proportion of the money from eligible items to a registered charity of your choice through their Smile website.

How does it work?

Simply shop as normal with Amazon but using their charity site: 

When you first log-in to Smile using your normal Amazon username and password, you will be asked to select a charity.

Search for ‘Morden Parish’ in the search box and select ‘The Parochial Church Council Of The Ecclesiastical Parish Of Team Parish Morden Surrey.’

That’s the posh name for the parish! The website will remember your choice of charity after your selection, and you can change this at any time. 

Then shop on the website as normal. You can access all the normal products. Use the Amazon Smile site for future purchases and you will raise money for the parish, including the churches of St George’s, St Lawrence, St Martin’s and Emmanuel Church.

How much goes to the charity?

0.5% of the cost of all eligible items will be donated to the charity if you shop through the Smile site. Be aware that donations are not made to your charity if you shop through the normal Amazon site. 

It seems that most Amazon items are included in the scheme but most ‘marketplace’ items from other sellers are not eligible.  For example, the parish would get 25p for a £50 purchase, for your example. 

It’s not much. It is not a substitute for personal charitable giving, which Christ calls us to do.   But look after the pennies and the pounds will….you’ve got it!