The immediate landscape of our lives has changed dramatically as a result of COVID.  It has left many Christians asking, how can we reach people with the good news of Christ in this socially distanced world? The answer seems to lie not simply with technology but to go back to basics.

Jesus said the greatest commandments are to love God and love your neighbour (Mark 12. 28-34).

Lockdown reminded us of the importance of the neighbours on our street.

We stood side-by-side with them to clap the NHS. We called on them to see if they were okay. We brought them shopping when they had to isolate.

Christ’s call to love others was suddenly limited to our neighbours, literally – those whom we see when we open the front door and look left, look right, and look in front of us.

In this strange season, where further restrictions loom, it seems that we must grasp again the importance of the Lord’s call to every individual to love those in their immediate locality.

And, so, in the three months running up to Christmas, we are asking everyone at church to do at least three things, for three neighbours: –

1. Prayer.

Pray for those three people by name. Pray for their needs and that they will come to know and accept the love of Christ for themselves. Pray as if their eternal future depends on it.

2. Care.

Find practical ways to help your neighbours.  It maybe as simple as phoning them to ease the loneliness. You may be able to offer to shop for them or lend them a game for their kids to play

3. Share.

Seek ways to sensitively share the good news of Jesus with them.  Tell them you are praying for them. Share how you came to faith.  Invite them to watch our service.

The next three months may be the darkest and difficult of the pandemic, but we must see Christ’s light directing us in the gloom. Christ will deploy his great army through this virus. Into every community he will scatter them to serve others from their homes.

Loving your neighbour – that will be our focus at St George’s while this pandemic runs its course.  Download and print the card below. Let us know how you are praying, caring for and sharing with those neighbours immediately around us.  And let’s pray that many will come to know the hope of Jesus Christ in our difficult times.

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