Our new talk series will start on Sunday 11 September on the book of 1 Samuel.

Providentially, we chose this book before the sad announcement of the death of our Queen and King Charles III become King. Covering a fascinating period of Israel’s history, the Old Testament book documents the growth of the people from a tribal society to a monarchy.

As Samuel vividly describes the drama of battles, murders and infidelity, we see the appointment of two kings.  The king people want (Saul), brings misery.  But the King God chooses (David) gives them what they need, despite his fall from grace.

We are challenged to consider who we look to to lead our lives in the ups and downs.  The book encourages us not to look at impressive outward appearances but to look to the heart.

It points us forward to God’s promised King, Jesus Christ, the one who can perfectly fulfills the great promises of God, giving us what our hearts desire.

Starting at church 10.3oam on Sunday 11th.   Visitors are most welcome.